Sunday, September 30, 2007

Picture of the new MacBook?

New MacBook

There is rumored a new Apple MacBook soon. The site I found the rumors on, thinks it will look a bit like the new iMac.
That means silver and black aluminum, and a bit thiner.
And now to something really cool, look at the touch pad, its huge. You guys thinking the same as me? Multi-touch???

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(Alright, I admit, I found the picture on Flickr and its just a rendition, but hey, it still looks cool and there is still a chance a MacBook with multi-touch touch pad is coming soon.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

World's easiest pancakes!

Ma bey you would like some food between the gaming and blog reading? Well, why not make pancakes?
PANCAKES?! Isn't that hours of work making? Nope, not with my recipe, I promise, you can make these 3-4 lovely pancakes in 10 minutes.

What do you need?

1 cup plain flour.
1 cup milk.
1 egg
Something to shake the ingredients in.
A fork.
A frying pan (+ a bit butter).

Start of by putting the egg and the milk in some kind of “shaker”, and shake them together. Now, mix the flour carefully into the batter with the fork to avoid lumps. After that, shake the batter as hard as you can (also to avoid lumps).
Put some butter in the frying pan and..., ye, now I know you can cook a bit, so use your skilz and don't burn the pancakes.

At last slide them out onto a plate, put sugar on them and EAT THEM, yum-yum!!


If this was to hard for you to understand:

1 cup flour, 1 cup milk and 1 egg and improvise ;-) .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 big reasons why most “normal users” still don't use Ubuntu!

Here are 2 big reasons why most “normal users” still don't use Ubuntu.
BTW, I define a “normal users” as a normal, random guy/girl (could be your neighbour) who uses his/here computer for “normal” things.

1. Games, games, games: Ye, a normal user want to play games. And by games I don't mean SuperTux or some kind of stupid racing game, but World in Conflict, CSS, BF2, Crysis, FSX etc. without crappy emulation software that never ever delivers the same experience as Windows, (no offence to the authors of the software, but games on Linux today is, well, some crappy shit). Games on Ubuntu must be ass simple as on Windows if Ubuntu ever wants to be the best kick ass OS on mother earth, you buy the game, put it in the DVD drive, install it and play without a single problem. Also popular gaming hardware such as Logitech G25 and Saitek X52 must become plug and play whit full support for drivers etc. in Linux.
EA and Ubisoft can also start to produce games for Linux, but unfortunately Linux doesn't seem to popular over at these guys. (Of course, if you want to play games and use Linux you can buy a PlayStation 3, but what about money? Not everybody in this world can afford that.)

2. Now, the second point. How the heck can a normal user know what Ubuntu is at al? Ubuntu need a big advertising campaign (+ game support). Free Ubuntu CD's must be handed out to everyone (and I mean EVERYONE in the whole world) who buys a new PC and the computer shop's must also offer to install Ubuntu on these PC's.
Ubuntu needs to get a better image not only to geeks, give Ubuntu to some celebrity's and take some pictures when they use Ubuntu. That's gona make it popular ;-) .

Mark Shuttleworth is a rich man, he can afford it. Pleas free us gamers and “normal users” from Micro$oft, Canonical!