Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 big reasons why most “normal users” still don't use Ubuntu!

Here are 2 big reasons why most “normal users” still don't use Ubuntu.
BTW, I define a “normal users” as a normal, random guy/girl (could be your neighbour) who uses his/here computer for “normal” things.

1. Games, games, games: Ye, a normal user want to play games. And by games I don't mean SuperTux or some kind of stupid racing game, but World in Conflict, CSS, BF2, Crysis, FSX etc. without crappy emulation software that never ever delivers the same experience as Windows, (no offence to the authors of the software, but games on Linux today is, well, some crappy shit). Games on Ubuntu must be ass simple as on Windows if Ubuntu ever wants to be the best kick ass OS on mother earth, you buy the game, put it in the DVD drive, install it and play without a single problem. Also popular gaming hardware such as Logitech G25 and Saitek X52 must become plug and play whit full support for drivers etc. in Linux.
EA and Ubisoft can also start to produce games for Linux, but unfortunately Linux doesn't seem to popular over at these guys. (Of course, if you want to play games and use Linux you can buy a PlayStation 3, but what about money? Not everybody in this world can afford that.)

2. Now, the second point. How the heck can a normal user know what Ubuntu is at al? Ubuntu need a big advertising campaign (+ game support). Free Ubuntu CD's must be handed out to everyone (and I mean EVERYONE in the whole world) who buys a new PC and the computer shop's must also offer to install Ubuntu on these PC's.
Ubuntu needs to get a better image not only to geeks, give Ubuntu to some celebrity's and take some pictures when they use Ubuntu. That's gona make it popular ;-) .

Mark Shuttleworth is a rich man, he can afford it. Pleas free us gamers and “normal users” from Micro$oft, Canonical!


Stjernekraft said...

Or maybe Google can help? Google is using ubuntu.

Adam Kane said...

I completely agree with your comment regarding the state of games on Linux. I actually just wrote a post on my blog covering the topic, take a look, we're both on the same page when it comes to Linux not being commercialized enough.

Keep up the good work on your blog. I've subscribed to your rss. :)

BooRadley said...

Erm... when stating a definition, it's no good to use the word you are trying to define in the definition itself ("normal")

The average *grown up* really has little interest in playing games with their computer. They're much too busy paying the mortgage, taking care of the kids, et al...

It's funny you criticize Ubuntu on the second point as it's one of the fastest rising and most visible distributions out there, and the first to have pre-installations from a major PC supplier...

Anonymous said...

1) Only semi-true, there is a segment of pc users (pc gamers) who would gladly move to linux if it did gaming as well. However, most people don't use pcs for gaming other than maybe solitare.

2) While ubuntu is one of the more popular names in the linux/tech community, most people have no idea what linux is and have never heard of ubuntu. An advertising campaign might be a good idea, and given that IMO certain linux distributions are almost ready for most things (I'd be happy to set my parents up with a linux box if they didn't need windows only programs for their jobs) it might be time to press home the advantages of linux over windows.

Personally, I think that apple's a bigger threat than MS, after all, apple offer everything that linux does (except with an opposite philosophy, with everything taken care of.. lots of people are migrating to apple. If linux wants to succeed (more than it already has) it needs to get active and get publicly vocal now. More work on getting better games support is also necessary.

kuriharu said...

There are a number of reasons not to switch to Ubuntu or Linux. I use both Ubuntu and Windows, and Ubuntu/Linux just isn't for mainstream users.

It's great for hobbists/power users/hackers/developers tho'

Peter-Hans said...

Adam Kane:

Thanks :-D !


Fastest rising or not, there can never be enough advertising campaigns ;-) .
And ye, Dell and HP (I think it was HP) are doing a god job by pre-installing Ubuntu on there PC's, but still I think they aren't informing "normal" users enough about Ubuntu.


Remember, there is a very huge difference between Mac OS X from Apple and Linux.
You can only get OS X when buying an expensive computer from Apple and Ubuntu is totally free!


Ye, I agree, but I want Canonical Ltd to develop Ubuntu so the mainstream users also can and will use it.